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Address: Frazione di San Vito, 342, 70044 Polignano a Mare

Curiosities of Polignano

In Polignano the territory sees two main natural elements, stone and water. And from these two elements he was inspired to carry out activities that aim to enhance cultural and natural resources through their sustainable use. Polignano and its beauties has also enchanted Carlo De Amicis Italian writer and scholar who says of the city:

“... in my encounter with Polignano with its history and its humanity I created 25 stories. But a narrative will remain in the scene of my memories. I searched for the soul of Polignano and I found the transparent sea and the impenetrable stone. The romantic city opens up towards the sea and closes towards the land. "

The Palazzese’s cave is one of the most important attractions of Polignano a Mare. The marine cave can only be visited thanks to the dorino boat trip takes this name because it was part of a palace owned by the family of Duke Leto. The origins of this family are linked to the feudal period of our territory in the eighteenth century. It is thanks to this family that a staircase was built to access the cave by land. However today we can find an engraving that shows the authorship of the access to Count Nicola Miani. The writing was the work of Nicola DeDonato, priest of important influences on the population. The Palazzese’s cave has the characteristic of digging the belly of the town for several meters below the historic city center. Today the cave houses an important restaurant and an important accommodation facility attributable to the property of Modesto Scagliusi. The cave has been an inspiration for many artists who have imprinted on canvas the beauty of the suggestive landscape that the cave offers. One of the characteristics of this unique gift from God is the double opening. In fact, if we compare the Palazzese’s cave with the caves of the Archbishopric, the Grotta Scordata or the cave of San Pietro and Paolo we will see great differences.

Today only Dorino's fleet of boat trips is able to take you inside the Palazzese’s cave using both access routes.

One of the two access routes supports the restaurant of the Palazzese’s cave. This rock arch is unique in the world. Inside the cave we find a cave several meters high. Also inside, we have a pebble beach that we call lapilli. The color of the sea inside the cave is iridescent with shades ranging from intense blue to emerald green. The depth of the water varies from 5 m at the entrance to the cave to 50 cm inside. In the last 20 years, the Palazzese’s cave has become an attraction of international tourist interest. To preserve the beauty of this enchanted place, the Municipality of Polignano a Mare has prepared very important maintenance interventions along the entire area of the cliff and titanium pins have been inserted inside the cave with the aim of avoiding the collapse of settlement of the coast.

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