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Boat trip Polignano a mare Puglia



Choose which experience you want to live
Enjoy Group Boat Tour

90 minute group tour, adventure, fun, crystal clear sea and history.

Enjoy Private Boat Tour
90 minute tour by exclusive boat, enjoy relaxation and privacy.

Enjoy Luxury Boat Tour

3 hour tour, put on your swimsuit and let yourself be pampered, we take care of everything.

RedBull Cliff Diving Boat Party

The coolest event of the polignanse summer, only stop in Italy, take part in the event from the boat.

Processione of San Vito by boat

The traditional Procession of San Vito by sea. A unique event in the world, live it with us!

Big groups, anniversaries and event

The largest fleet in Polignano at your service for unforgettable events in a unique setting!


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About us

Polignano’s secrets: Domenico Modugno Mr. Volare

In Polignano there has always been a way to discuss something with someone. It has always been discussed between who was the best city between Polignano and Monopoli. The friars of San Vito argued with the Roman Curia. The inhabitants of the Gelso district argued with those of the Pozziglioni district. A great topic of discussion has always been Domenico Modugno. The discussion arises between those who consider Modugno a favorite son and those who see him as a renegade. Modugno for commercial reasons in fact passed off first as a Sicilian, then as a Neapolitan and then as a Roman. Only in 1993, now elderly and ill, did Modugno reconcile himself with his country. But the citizens of Polignano have not forgotten the wrongs suffered. In 2009 it was decided to build the statue of Domenico Modugno entrusted to the sculptor Hermann Mayer. The 3 m high statue is now visible in Largo Gelso where it seems that Modugno saw a pod of dolphins and recorded the song for his son Massimo "Delfini". The discussion arises between those who are in favor of the statue and those who prefer that there are still places for cars in that place. But the discussions don't end there. The statue depicts the singer with open arms and the jacket raised by the wind. It is necessary to understand in which direction the singer's face will have to look. The problem is that if the singer's statue were to face the sea, it would turn its back on the town, a symbol that would still remind citizens that Modugno has denied them. The councilors and the administration are racking their brains to figure out how to resolve the issue. In the end, the question is solved by a well-known local photographer who, passing by, and seeing the group of councilors discussing, suggests the solution.

“Gentlemen, do we want to take a nice photo? Well, Modugno must embrace the country. So whoever takes the picture must know that Mimì loved us and must see that behind this great singer there is a wonderful sea that inspired him ”.

That's why today you see the statue of Modugno in that part of the town and in that position.

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